Graco, Inc.

Hydraulic Fixed Ratio metering system for dispensing noise canceling foam



To create a quieter ride, many automotive manufacturers

use acoustical foam to minimize noise coming from the tires, wind, exhaust and engine. The foam consistency was often hit-or-miss and the noise cancellation foam was not working. The Graco machine and metering system could dispense on-ratio foam and the objective was to inform the automotive market about it - which was in dire need of consistent dispense resource.


After defining the customer's pain point, I created a glove box shaped direct mail piece that visually identified the market. Inside there was a brochure focusing on a "silence is golden" approach, a flash drive with all engineering data and a series of successful case studies. Graco educated the customer as well as shared the benefits of the machine, thereby instilling that they were the market experts and gained their trust.


The "glove box" direct mailers were either sent or hand delivered to top tier customers. Sales team was ecstatic with the response from customers and in the first 3 months the campaign’s sales goal by 240%! This direct marketing piece got their foot in the door, a car door that is.